Symmetry Circle in Budapest

SYMMETRY CIRCLE in Budapest (a monthly forum of ISIS)

Venue:  Artkatakomba,  Budapest, Szt. István krt. 2  (at the Pest side of the Margaret-bridge / Margit-híd)

March 12, 2011 (Saturday), 1 p.m.


the host of our last congress-festival Symmetry: Art and Science (Artists’ City Gmünd, Austria, August 23-29, 2010) will be the guest speaker.

Werner is a distinguished professor and composer, who was a pupil of Jenő Takács, Béla Bartók’s friend; see in German:

Werner made many surprises for the congress-festival of ISIS. There were two-three concerts or performances each day. Perhaps the greatest surprises for the members of ISIS were the following two:

– Werner’s own composition ISIS: Mandalas for String Quartet, op. 24 (2010), which was presented by the Graffe Quartet (Brno, Czech Republic)

– Aleksandr Skryabin’s Promethée: Le Poème du feu, op. 60 (1909/10), which was presented by a group of artists and scholars led by Werner using a real fire-organ.

It was dedicated to the outstanding scientist and artist, theorist and expert in light-music, Bulat Makhmudovich GALEYEV (1940-2009), founder of the Prometheus Institute in Kazan’, Tatarstan (Russia); see in Russian and English:

The group led by Bulat made various presentation of the same work by Skryabin. Their artistic and scientific achievements were summarized in many papers and a comprehensive book (1981). ISIS kept connections with Bulat and we hoped that we may invite him for the congress-festival. His sudden death was a shock for us.

Werner’s lecture in Budapest is again dedicated to him. This would be also the first presentation outside Russia of a new 2nd revised and extended edition of the mentioned book

Irina Venechkina and Bulat Galeyev

Poema ognya: Kontseptsiya svetomuzikal’nogo sinteza

(Poem of Fire: Conception of Light-Musical Synthesis, in Russian with English abstract and contents),

Kazan’: Kazan’skaya Gos. Konservatoriya, 2010, 351 pp.

Dénes Nagy will speak about Bulat and about the new book. Special thanks to Irina for sending some copies of this book to ISIS. We never will forget Bulat and his contributions.

The meeting of the Symmetry Circle will be followed by a joint event with NET (Folk Architecture Society):


(Professor of History of Architecture,  Technical University of Budapest):

The architectural traditions of the villages.

This will be followed, as usual, by a symmetric round table.

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